No Swimming Policy in Enchanted River


Travelers (tourists and backpackers alike) give mixed emotions on the recent No Swimming Policy imposed by the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Hinatuan on its famous spot Enchanted River.

Enchanted River tops the visitors’ list of spots to see when in Surigao del Sur. With the recent video campaign produced by the Department of Tourism showcasing its blue lagoon and the hospitality of the locals, there has been an increase of the number of people who showed interest in visiting.

For the past years, Enchanted River has accommodated people from all over the Philippines and the world. With the consistent overwhelming number of people visiting especially during summer, the effects on the site have become a primary concern.

Efforts from both the LGU of Hinatuan and concerned individuals have been made. The number of people being accommodated has been controlled; posters reminding the people to maintain the cleanliness have been scattered around the place; different posts on social media sites to encourage people to be responsible visitors have been shared.


In the recent post from the official Facebook page of the Local Government Unit of Hinatuan, it states that effective 5th of March 2017, the blue lagoon is for viewing and taking of photos only. The policy aims to protect and preserve the river and its inhabitants. This is to maintain the blueness of the main area of the river, and keep the fishes living therein healthy.


It is important to clarify that those who wish to go swimming may still do so but only within the allowed area which is downstream. There are life vests readily available for rent at a fair rate per hour.

The visitors may expect better amenities. During the rehabilitation process, the basic amenities have been improved for convenience and better experience.

Hopefully, this move by the LGU of Hinatuan  will be sustained. It is great that people work hand in hand to preserve this beauty. With this, we can assure that the river will live until the next generations to come.

Note: Fish feeding new schedule is at 3:00 in the afternoon everyday.

All images used in this entry are from the Local Government Unit of Hinatuan official Facebook page. You may check them out at 


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