What to expect in Motiongate Dubai


Last December 16, I, together with my cousin and sister’s family were able to visit Motiongate Dubai in Dubai Parks & Resorts on their grand opening day. My cousin’s friend gave us passes for that date.

To get there, I and my cousin took the metro train to UAE Exchange and from there, we rode a taxi going to Dubai Parks & Resorts which only costed us 35 AED. My sister and her family brought their own ride from Abu Dhabi to the place and then rode a bus free of charge from the parking area to the parks and resorts proper.

Before heading to Motiongate and while we wait for my sister and her family, I and my cousin went around Dubai Parks & Resorts first. Upon getting off the taxi cab, this good-looking Mcdonald’s welcomed us — definitely by far the best one I’ve ever been to.


The interior is quite modern but the exterior gives you an old good vibe. The food price rate is not the same with the usual Mcdonald’s in UAE — it has an added 30% if I got it right.

The setting around where the Mcdonald’s stood makes you feel like you’re no longer in UAE. It in fact almost felt like we were in Old Europe.


Hello, Armenia! Haha of course Armenia is still part of Asia but you know it’s in boundary Europe. I’ve always wanted to go there and for now, this is the closest thing I could have haha.


After we went around the Old Europe (ha!), we dropped by LEGOLAND Dubai which also just opened recently. We didn’t have tickets for the place so we just roamed around the area. There were a lot families with small kids going inside during that day.


This lego-built dragon can be found outside. This installation gives you a sneak-peek of what to expect inside (well of course there are way a lot more therein but look at those details!)


After LEGOLAND, we headed to Bollywood Parks. I do not really know much about Bollywood except for few films of Aamir Khan that I have watched before like 3 Idiots and Ghajini but definitely one day I’ll see what’s inside there.

There is a great population of Indian people in the city so it’s really good that they have representation of their place here especially for those who have been away from India for a long time already.


And on to the main destination — Motiongate Dubai. Motiongate Dubai is Middle East’s largest inspired – Hollywood theme park. The ticket prices for 1 day are: 330 AED for adults and 280 AED for children. Each pass entitles the visitor to unlimited access to their rides and attractions.

Before we tried the rides, we went from one attraction to another — The Smurfs Village, Hotel Transylvania, and Ghostbusters. Hotel Transylvania and Ghostbusters have mini interactive rides inside but visitors are not allowed to take videos or even photos. The rides are good for the kids and the kids at heart.

Inside the Motiongate, there are Meet & Greets with different characters on different timings. We took photos with the Ghostbusters, Shrek and Princess Fiona, Hotel Transylvania characters, and other animated animals.

The above photos can be found inside the Ghostbusters: Battle for New York. Before reaching the start of the ride, visitors will pass through the dark alley followed by a room with Ghostbusters costumes and designs. As mentioned, no one is allowed to take photos and videos during the ride.

The two above are the exterior and interior of the Hotel Transylvania. It also has a ride good for families with filming still not allowed.


After those family rides, I and my cousin decided to go for the ones for adults. First, we had The Green Hornet: High Speed Chase. Before reaching the start of the ride, visitors will pass by this car similarly used in the film.


The Green Hornet ride was like starter version of the gigantic roller coasters. Yes, it may be smaller but definitely the thrill is still there. Here visitors are allowed to film ONLY IF you have an action camera with a head or chest strap. Too bad I forgot to bring mine during our visit. I only had my action camera on 3-way monopod.

After the thrilling ride in Green Hornet, we thought it’d be more exciting to try the Blastoff. Before reaching the start of the ride, you are to pass by a room in Zombieland field with decorations and installations related to zombies.


We were already near the starting point of the ride but the queue was no longer moving for almost an hour so we decided to leave instead. According to other visitors, the ride suddenly faced some technical problems. Just too bad; we were so excited to try it ourselves. Definitely the next time we visit it again, we’ll have the blastoff first.

After exiting the Zombieland, we went to the Underworld 4D. As expected we were not again allowed to film inside. Basically just like in any other 4D cinemas, we just watched Underworld with us being like in the actual setting of the film.

There were few kids who were able to get inside but I do not really suggest it for the parents to bring their children there as some parts are too graphic for very young audience.


After the Underworld 4D experience, we went running straight to Hollywood to catch the Step Up Dubai All In 8 PM show. I have always been a fan of Step Up movies starting from its first installment so I was really thrilled to go there. It’s just a 25-minute show with short drama, characters singing and of course showcasing their dance skills.

I was hoping to film the show or at least take photos but we were all told it’s not allowed. Nonetheless, it was a good show. At least we were all focused on the show without our gadgets on hands — you know, just like the old times.

There are still parts of Motiongate that are still under constructions like the Panem Aerial Tour, Lionsgate Hunger Games, and Capitol Bullet Train. By early 2017, the place should be fully operational. With the completion of the place, I think the ticket prices will also rise as the 330 and 280 AED rates may just be introductory prices.

Overall, I’d rate the place with 7/10. With the daily hustle and bustle of the city, it’s always good to take a break once in awhile. And like what other people say, regardless of our ages, we are all kids at heart.


And this is Motiongate Dubai during the evening. We were at the park for almost 8 hours!


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