Moshi – Momo and Sushi taste test

Earlier this month, I was invited by the owner of the Moshi UAE through Instagram for a taste test in their second branch in Oud Metha. With no hesitation, I immediately checked my schedule and allot a half day for it.


This taste test is my first proper one. Usually, brands and companies just send the food to my place but for this, I went to their actual restaurant. Since they told me I can bring another person with me during the visit, I brought with me my cousin.

Moshi UAE brings the customers a fusion of two worlds under one roof — the best of Nepal and Japan in terms of culinary. Classic sushi, fusion makis, steaming healthy momos? They’ve got you covered!

Fast forward to the taste test, Ms. Adele of Moshi UAE Oud Metha branch first served us with refreshments to get started — Lotus Milkshake and Strawberry Mojito.


The milkshake was extra sweet as expected since it’s combined with Lotus. I am not really a fan of anything really sweet because I easily catch soar throat but even just with few sips, I could say it was good — sweet and creamy as how milkshakes should be (my cousin loved it so much).

The Strawberry Mojito was better for me. I liked how it was a strawberry-flavored drink but with a moderate kick from mojito. I even consumed two mason jars of it during the taste test haha.

For the main part, we were served with a long table of pure heaven. From sushi to makis to momos — all for just two persons!


Moshi UAE’s food are basically classified into two — the vegan and non-vegan. All the ones in black plates are vegan while all the ones in white are non-vegan. Pretty much a good place for anyone of different choices.

I think among all of them, what I really liked the most were the Volcano Roll and Flamin’ Cheetos with emphasis on the latter.

Who doesn’t like Cheetos? No. One. You know that latest offering of Cheetos of the same name (Flamin’ Cheetos)? Moshi UAE has brilliantly incorporated it into their food! And yes, it’s really flamin’ I should say.

Moshi UAE also served us with burger. And no, they are not the ordinary or the usual burger you can get from other places. Still in line with their signature food, they have come up with Sushi Burger or what I would like to call — the king of all burgers!


For second to the last one, we were served with a platter of momos — from steamed ones to half steamed, half fried to fully fried ones.


I’m have always been a huge fan of fried dumplings even when I was still in the Philippines and momos are quite similar to dumplings. If I were to rate in order the ones served to us, it’d be: 1. fried 2. half steamed, half fried 3. steamed.

I liked the fried ones because it’s crispy and the filling is fully cooked. Of course I’m not saying the rest weren’t; it’s just that that is my personal preference. The fried ones although they were deep fried (haha of course), they aren’t oily so there’s nothing really to worry about.

Before we left, the good people of Moshi UAE served us with Nutella Maki for the finale. Yes, you read that right: NUTELLA and MAKI. Another great food innovation from them again! And of course, shoutout to them for exerting effort to put my Instagram username on it.


Moshi UAE seriously does not run out of creative juices. Who would have thought you could actually incorporate those famous chips, chocolates, and the like to these classic Japanese and Nepalese food.

During the taste test, Ms. Adele of Oud Metha branch also mentioned to us that Moshi UAE gives 5% of every bill towards a construction meal. That may sound little to some but that I think is a good initiative from the team and owners themselves. Basically, the customers just have to eat to feed.


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