A sugar-free cake?


Cakes are meant to be filled sugar. That is what a lot of us think how a cake should be by default. Whenever we tell ourselves “I need sugar,” we more or less automatically mean “I need cake.” But what happens if the classic ingredients of a cake are tweaked?

Sugar-free eating has been gaining popularity around the globe. With some health issues faced by many being linked to the level of sugar intake, people have started experimenting and innovating the preparations of food — and that includes baking a cake. Yes, a sugar-free cake.

Cutting out sugar may be a pain in our wallets. The substitutes are too pricey, and it has a tendency to hurt a business as it may ruin the actual products.

Growing up, I would watch my aunt bake cakes and other pastry products. Sometimes, I would also scan through the baking books in our home, and just start producing cakes. With those observations and experiences that I had, I know that sugar does not only affect the sweetness of the baked product but also the texture, color, and life-span.

I have tonsillitis. Consuming sweet treats like chocolates, cakes, and candies can be hard to me. Sometimes even how hard I try to just limit my intake, I easily catch soar throat that sometimes even leads to the loss of voice and fever. For the last few years, I have decided to lessen my intake of those products as much as I could but of course still not letting myself to totally avoid them (moderation is the rule).

Sinless Sweets have come up with a very exciting idea for our collaboration. It is the first time that a brand suggested a little game for me to do as they usually just let me do my thing. And yes, I love how engaging this brand is to their partners. For this post, I’ll be guessing which among the sent cupcakes are sugar-free and which are the regular ones. And I’ll be doing this with the help of people at home.

Sinless Sweets was created by two sisters, Fatima and Sakina Mustafa. It was launched only recently, about mid April of this year. While both of them had always wanted to have their own bakery, the process of specializing in sugar free began a little over two years ago when one of our founders quit sugar completely. It was then when they found out that while finding sugar free desserts is possible, finding sugar free desserts that do not contain chemical sweeteners such as aspartame, maltitol, etc. was very difficult. It was even more difficult to find sugar free desserts which do not contain any of the above and actually tasted/looked good. Thus their concept was born — literally sinless sweets anyone can devour.

Sinless Sweets has a fair selection of products. While their specialization is in naturally sweetened, sugar free desserts, they also have a ‘sinful’ selection. They basically do regular and sugar free cakes and desserts. They currently do eggless cakes as well, and even have one gluten free option on their menu. Due to popular demand, they have been working on other natural desserts which will offer options of gluten free, egg free, dairy free and even some desserts sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia, that is diabetic friendly. These will be launched as soon as they have perfected the recipes.


For the guessing game, our friends from Sinless Sweets sent me 18 chocolate cupcakes — 9 sugar free and 9 regular; 3 from each were left with no icing. I’m no pro baker but I’ll base my guess on the taste (sweetness) and the texture. I can’t use color as basis as the cupcakes are dark chocolate, and the life-span as I and my friends are consuming these on the same day of delivery.

The cupcakes were freshly made when they were delivered. I could tell from its strong scent upon unboxing, and the texture by just looking at it. You could tell cupcakes have long been sitting on the fridge when its scent has already faded and the cupcake itself looks so dry and stiff — and I don’t see that among that were sent to me.

As per suggestion of Sinless Sweets, we first tried the ones without icing. The two sets look really identical. The only obvious difference they gave us is the cupcake holder (really smart; they got us here haha).

Both sets were soft and fluffy. As we carefully consume them, I think Sinless Sweets was testing me and tricking us by purposely placing it on different cups when in fact they are both the same. Both cupcakes are with sugar.

The next ones we tried were the ones with icing on top. These photos were taken right after I received them but as suggested, I placed them in the fridge for few hours before we ate them. I have made an initial guess by just looking at them. Prior to taste test, I was guessing the right ones in black cup are the regular one, and the left one in white cup are the sugar-free.

Sugar caramelizes when processed and we all know what happens when it did — it becomes sticky. The left ones look so soft and melted while the right ones look so firm and put-up.

During the taste test (hours after I placed it in the fridge), we first went through the icing before the cake. My guess was then changed. The icing of the two were both sweet (it even looked like meringues after refrigerated) yet the cake were a combination of salty, bitter, and bland. Just like the ones with no icing, I think we have been tricked by again purposely placing it on different cups, changing the colors of the icing, and making different patterns of the icing presentation. I am guessing Sinless Sweets may be practicing the principle of equilibrium — sweet icing on sugar-free cake for balance.

But.. I am still open to the possibility of being wrong. The icing may have affected our sense of taste thus rendering the cakes salty, bitter, and bland.

However, after the careful and thorough taste test with the people at home, we have all agreed on the decision. Here’s our final guess:

Cupcakes with no icing on black cups: REGULAR | WITH SUGAR

Cupcakes with no icing on white cups: REGULAR | WITH SUGAR

Cupcakes with icing on black cups: ICING: WITH SUGAR x CAKE: SUGAR-FREE

Cupcakes with icing on white cups: ICING: WITH SUGAR x CAKE: SUGAR-FREE


Shoutout to Sakina of Sinless Sweets for sending over these equally delicious treats and coming up with an exciting game for this entry rather than a usual review! This guessing game seriously gave all of us a hard time. I look forward to seeing this brand grow bigger in the business. Please do comment down below if our my sense of taste did not fail (I hope it didn’t).

Sinless Sweets can be reached through the following:
Contact Person – Sakina Mustafa
Phone Number – +971566909259
Whatsapp – +971566909259

So our friends from Sinless Sweets already revealed the actual answers to the guessing game. See photo below:
Sadly, I and my friends didn’t get the right guesses. I think we may have over-analyzed them haha. Nonetheless, it was really a fun game to do. Like I said, all the cupcakes were equally delicious.

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