Freedom is getting good pizza


Pizza is life. For a lot of us, we just can’t get enough that we could seriously consume pizza every single day (or every other day at least).

Everywhere in this world, we do not run out of versions of this all-time favorite. We keep on experimenting just so to level up the game.

If you have read my last food entry in this blog (see here), ranked number one on my list was Classio Pizza in Davao City, Philippines. With this, you could pretty much feel how ecstatic I am that my first entry from Dubai is also about pizza.

I am just on my first week here. Like what people always say, start early when you want to do something — so here I am, working on widening my reach in a new place as early as now.

Staying loyal to my blog’s tagline, “Exploring the things less talked about,” I am in constant search of the great things the people are missing out — and my first one in Dubai is Freedom Pizza.


Freedom Pizza is a carry out and delivery company in UAE. It is the maker of healthy on-the-go food in UAE. Aside from its wide array of pizza collection, they also offer other equally-healthy food like fresh salad, gluten-free brownie, and vegan ice cream among others. What I got to try from their menu are the Meat Eater Pizza, Hunter Gatherer Organic Salad, and Gluten-free brownie.


The Meat Eater Pizza is made of red sauce, mozzarella, hamburger, sausage, turkey ham, and beef pepperoni. Pretty jampacked for a single serving of pizza.

The dough of the pizza was neither too thin nor too thin — just the right proportion. The same thing goes for the mozzarella — stretchy yet not too much. The hamburger, sausage, turkey ham, and beef pepperoni were obviously new stocks and served right after they were cooked. I could say very well as they were tender as opposed to those who have long been sitting on the freezer and then on their standby area.

I think the fast delivery also contributed to the quality of it. When it was delivered to my place, the pizza was still hot and fresh (cold pizza is fine but we appreciate hot and fresh one more).


The Hunter Gatherer Organic Salad is made of chicken breast, kale, chard, Brazil nuts, dried mango, basil, lettuce, coriander, mint, cucumber, and green olives. The chicken breast was freshly made, and the others were freshly picked. I could even hear the green leaves’ crispness as I consume them.


“I hate brownies,” says no one. Aside from pizza, burger, and ice cream, brownie is a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. But hey, feel guilty no more now. Freedom Pizza in collaboration with Skinny Genie has come up with gluten-free brownies.


Freedom Pizza has six (6) stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: VOX Cinemas Yas Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubailand, Al Barsha, Downtown Dubai, Mirdiff, and Khalidiyah.


The company has more than 200 employees, and 120 full-time delivery drivers. As per experience, when they said 4:00 PM, I was thinking the driver would leave at 4 but to my surprise, the items came before the hand of the clock even pointed the 4. Major props to them for fast transaction and delivery! That’s some real good service any customer would want to have.


Avail of their limited promo / offer. See poster above or find them online through the following:



Official site:

Let me know what you guys think of the brand, and share your personal experience of the service and your fave from their menu on the comment section below.


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