Lon Wa Buddhist Temple


One time when I was still in Davao City, I accidentally discovered a temple when I rode the wrong route of jeepney going home after school. For four years, it has been a habit of mine to face the road whenever I take public transportation so as to be familiarized with the city.


According to my research, Lon Wa Buddhist Temple (or Long Hua Buddhist Temple) is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the Philippines, and the biggest in Mindanao. It is situated at Cabaguio Avenue, Agdao.


The temple is home to the monks of Philippine Sakya Academy. A lot of visitors and migrants in the city visit there to pray and pay respect. In fact during our visit, we spotted someone inside worshiping. We waited for her to be finished so as not to disrupt.


The workers in the place are Filipinos. When in doubt, the visitors may ask them as there are specific parts of the temple that aren’t available to the public. The office is also located inside the temple so while you’re there, you’d be able to see Monks.

The temple is open everyday at 7AM – 4:30. There is no entrance fee being asked but the visitors may opt to give donations. While some of the tourists I have seen wore shorts during their visit, I suggest that one dresses more modestly as it is important to note that the place isn’t just any other tourist spot but instead a place of worship.


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