The unseen Libtong Cove

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Topping everyone’s Surigao del Sur trip are Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig City, Enchanted River and Sibadan Fish Cage of Hinatuan, and Britania Islands of San Agustin but little did they know that there exists another beautiful tourist spot in Cantilan — the Libtong Cove.

Cantilan is a two-hour ride from Tandag City. You may ride a van or a bus going there at Tandag City Bus Terminal. The place is home for the numerous unspoiled spots.

I learned about the Libtong Cove (also known as Blue Lagoon) from my sister and her friends. I admit that upon seeing their photos taken there, I couldn’t help but arrange a trip going there (but it got delayed countless of times because of schedule conflict).

Last month, I finally got a chance to explore the place with my relatives from Cebu. We were supposed to be going to Sohoton in Surigao del Norte but considering the fact that it would take us long hours of travel, and we only had one day to spend because we had to get back the same day or next day for my grandmother’s birthday, we thought Libtong Cove isn’t a bad at all.

It was late night when we decided for the trip but thank God my sister’s friend has a relative from Cantilan who gave us a contact. The driver of the Aunt of my sister’s friend reserved us a boat on the same night for our trip the next morning.

The driver told us to be in Cantilan by 7AM so we left at 5AM from Tandag City. Since we had a private ride, it only took us less than two hours to get to our destination.

When we reached Cantilan, we headed to Chanlac Seafood Hauz where the boat was docked. The boat rental depends on the number of passengers — ours was priced at 4,000 PHP good for 15 persons.

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The travel time from Chanlac to Libtong Cove is about 30 minutes. The place does not have entrance fee as the table or cottage rental already serves as it. The cottage we rented was priced at 500 PHP.

As for the food and drinks, it is advisable that you bring your own as there is only limited supply in the sari-sari store. If you wish to bring sugbahon (any meat for grilling), there are available sugbahan (grilling area) in the place with only 20 PHP per pack of uling (charcoal).

Upon reaching the place, one would automatically fall in love with the place’s charm. With its clean and calm water, and the green islets surrounding the place, you cannot help but wish you could live there forever.

The place isn’t one of those that aren’t really accessible. In fact, Libtong Cove is more or less just 300 meters away from a sitio (community). Visitors who wish to stay overnight may do so provided they have done reservation with the management as there is only one house available.

The house for overnight use has four bedrooms at 5,000 PHP rate according to the management. According to the person we talked to, there is no limit in the number of persons who could occupy the unit — visitors may do the arrangement themselves.

There are also a cottage with videoke machine, and another makeshift cliff for diving available below the house and sari-sari store. If you wish to close them for your own usage during your occupancy in the house, the rate is at 9,000 PHP.

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The rental of the boat is good for a whole day. During our trip, we were able to explore three more nearby islands after Libtong Cove. The number of islets that can be visited depends on the condition of the waves.
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On the last islet where we were brought, tourists who we have seen also in Libtong Cove were also there enjoying the place. The islet is almost similar to that of Britania Islands — the fineness of the sand, the liveness of the trees, the clearness and calmness of the water, and the firmness of the rocks. But unlike the Britania Islands, the vibe is more relaxing as there were fewer people there.

I am the type of person who does not like going back to the same places over and over again as I want to explore the ones I haven’t been to but I have to say I’m making an exemption for Libtong Cove. I look forward to going back there in the future.


The person in the photo above is Kuya Janjan, our boatman. He provides boat ride to people who want to visit Libtong Cove, and Siargao Island as well. Plus, he’s also a surfer so don’t be shy to ask to teach you some surfing tricks. He can be contacted via SMS at 0930 888 7932.


You may also contact the management of the place, GI LIBTONG COVE Resort and Lodge, through the following:

Cellphone number: 0946 342 7573 | 0910 834 2364

Telephone number: 212-5517


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