The majestic Hagimit Falls


Sun, sand, and sea – the three things that automatically come into one’s mind when thinking of Samal. Undeniably, the city has indeed countless of amazing beach spots that locals and foreigners love to visit. But little did people know, Samal is also home to other great bodies of water and one of that is the Hagimit Falls.

When talking about falls, the distance sometimes take aback people from going. During my previous trip to Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, I got to try traveling for hours, and braving the muddy and steepy road before arriving to the spot. So when I learned about the Hagimit Falls, I kind of already set my mind that the journey wouldn’t be that easy.

The trip was unplanned. I knew the falls for quite some time already and have always wanted to visit but never have I actually planned the whole trip out. Late night before the trip, I was busily doing my thesis paper when Hagimit Falls was randomly brought up to the conversation with my brother and cousin. After quick research, we just dared each other to agree on going to the trip – and we all did. I haven’t even gotten to sleep because I had to finish the homeworks because I was sure I wouldn’t be productive anymore after the trip.

5AM the next day, without sleep, I, my brother, and my cousin headed to Sasa Wharf to take the barge going to Samal. After just 15 minutes, we arrived in the city. We had no ideal how to get there exactly but we tried out luck negotiating with the local tricycle drivers at the port.

Unlike the other trips to falls, the way to Hagimit Falls is just relaxed. From the port to the falls, it only took us 30 minutes to arrive to the spot. The seating capacity of the tricycle was good for four people but should you want to rent the whole tricycle so as to avoid waiting for it to be fully occupied, you may pay the rate for four. But you know, Filipinos are good at negotiating prices. Instead of 200PHP, we only paid 150PHP – that’s quite a saving already.


Upon the arrival, visitors shall pay the entrance fee priced at 40PHP per head. There are two entrances at the area and we took the one with the long stairs. The trail we took was a bit confusing – we even got lost while finding the exact spot we researched a night before. We tried to ask locals but got lost even more (haha!). It was a good misadventure though, I should say. The place felt safe so there was nothing to worry about. As what people say, getting lost is part of the adventure. Always.


When planning to visit Hagimit Falls, I highly recommend that one goes there early in the morning. We arrived at the falls at quarter to 7AM and we got the whole place for ourselves. We were able to take photos without other people getting into our ways. We got to take photos of falls untouched (for that day at least).

Just after an hour we arrived, the people started to flock at the area. Locals and foreigners were all there to experience what Hagimit Falls could offer to visitors.

The water of Hagimit Falls was really cold that literally shivered when I dove there. Despite that the sun’s heat is starting to shoot up, the water’s temperature remained the same. I think that was what everyone loved about it. The falls was cold and refreshing.


When there were already a lot of people, we decided to go to the higher deck of the falls to avoid the crowd and also see what is still in store for us. Luckily, we found a very good spot where there was no even a single person there. I called it my happy place. Lesson: Do not hesitate to explore the spot when going on an adventure – where the crowd is is not necessarily the best spot.

We only stayed for half day but it felt like we had a long day. Before lunch time, we headed back to the port to catch a trip going back to Davao City. The available rides at the falls are single motorcycles – one ride is priced at 100PHP per motorcycle or 50PHP per head. Depending on the size of the vehicle, it could accommodate 2-3 persons per ride.

The Hagimit Trip was short but really satisfying. It’s nice to know that not that far away from Davao City, there lies a majestic falls where anyone could go and enjoy. If given a chance, I would go back again to this falls.


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