Fifth Mountain of B’lakayo Adventure Park: Enjoying nature’s bounty 750 meters above the ground


The level of adventure in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines – General Santos City – has finally been upgraded. An almost untouched surrounding, different formation of rocks, and a breath-taking view are yours to enjoy.

Fifth Mountain of B’lakayo Adventure Park is the perfect place for those who are always up for adventure. It opened last December 2010 – quiet still young compared to other different adventure parks in the country.

The name was taken from the book “Fifth Mountain” by the same international best-selling author of “Alchemist”, Paolo Coelho.



There are two zip-lines available for the riders to enjoy and one cable car with a height of 750 meters above the ground, both with different formation of rocks and different kinds of trees under. I was even hoping Edward Cullen would show up haha. It just felt like we were on the set of Twilight.

The first zip-line – the Yankee line – measures about 800 meters. The second zip-line – the X zip-line – measures about 400 meters with a slower speed compared to the Yankee. The X zip-line lands you on the lower section of the resort clubhouse.


Fifth Mountain of B’lakayo Adventure Park is pretty far from the downtown GenSan. If you do not have a private ride with you, you may negotiate with the tricycle drivers downtown.

During our trip, we talked to the drivers parked outside McDonald’s. From there, he took us to Kidam – 30 minutes to an hour ride – and charged us P50 per head.

From Kidam, we trekked for more or less an hour to arrive at the adventure park. There are however habal-habal (skylabs) available if you want.

The people there on the way are very approachable and hospitable. If you’re not sure about the directions, you may ask them and they’re more than willing to help you.

The steep road might drain you easily so I suggest you bring enough supply of liquid to sustain you. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes so you won’t struggle on the way. Apply sun block too as the heat of the sun is a bit unbearable.

But after all those, rest assured that a fresh air and a very relaxing view await for you there. It’s really worth the struggle.



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