Dayaw Coffee & Tea: Authentic local coffee brew


Promotion of the culture and traditions of the Indigenous People (I.P.) of Mindanao is what encouraged 100% Filipino entrepreneurs, but based in different Asian countries (Singapore, Guam, and Australia), to set up a coffee shop outlet in Davao City.

Dayaw Coffee & Tea is a corporation owned by Omar Santos, Champ and Genie Gaite-Antonio, and Lorraine Antonio. The coffee shop opened on the 3rd of July 2014. The term “Dayaw” comes from the friendly greeting “Madayaw” which means good, valuable, superior or beautiful. It is a Mandaya, Mansaka, and Waray word. Dayaw is also an annual assembly of the Indigenous People in the Philippines in October – an avenue for exchanges between different indigenous communities.


In putting up the business, the corporation said that few of the challenges that they have encountered are the sourcing of IP products such as pastries and the like, and the establishment of name since they’re just new and is not known yet compared to other existing coffee shops.

In an interview, Spokesperson Rene Adapon said that despite the challenges they have encountered, they are optimistic that Davao market will support their business as it is rare for a coffee shop to use local grown coffee and it is the only 24/7 operational in SM Lanang Premier.


The shop serves 100% Arabica coffee from Mt. Apo, cultivated and harvested by the IP. Every time one buys from them, he/she gets to help the people of Mindanao. Aside from the brewed coffee, they also serve Filipino kakanin like puto and suman.


The first branch is culturally and traditionally inspired. Inside the shop, “Tinalak”, a traditional cloth of the Tiboli Tribe from South Cotabato, and paintings of “Bong Espinosa”, a local painter who is a Lumad, are on display. The shop also uses tables made out of coconut shells. Outside, an exhibit is put up in aim to give the customers and passersby quick facts about a specific topic. Mr. Adapon mentioned that they are planning to continue the exhibit with different theme every month.

Briefly, Dayaw Coffee & Tea is a 24/7 operational, culturally and traditionally-inspired coffee shop where one can enjoy authentic local grown coffee and at the same time get to help the Indigenous People of Mindanao.


The first branch in the city is strategically located at the SM Lanang Premier 2nd Floor, Fountain Court Plaza (between Hukad and Bistro Selera).

Official Facebook page:

Official Twitter page:

Telephone number:

(082) 285 3207


2 thoughts on “Dayaw Coffee & Tea: Authentic local coffee brew

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      You’re very welcome. Dayaw Coffee has always been accommodating to everyone. And yes, I hope to visit the place again when I get back to PH.

      Best regards,
      Marla Arreza


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