Tinuy-an Falls: Niagra Falls of the Philippines


The Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City is definitely one of the famous tourist spots in Surigao del Sur. Every year, the number of people that visits the place continuously increase.

Where it is situated is pretty far from the city proper. So instead of complaining, I chose to just enjoy the views on our way there.


This may not be as beautiful as the places you have been to but I really find this man-made lake with a mountain at the background calming. If we just had extra time, I might have stopped there and just sit and enjoy the view.


Before actually passing through the entrance gate, this (see above photos) what will welcome you – the mini falls.


The Tinuy-an Falls stands approximately 55 meters high and has a width of 95 meters. It is one of the best and probably the widest as well in the Philippines. Like what other people say, you are not a true traveler if you have not been into this place.

During our visit, the flow of the water was pretty strong. We had to take photos several times because it was pretty hard to get a clear one.


To give you a clear image as to how strong the water flow that day, see above photos. We really had a hard time taking photos with our close encounter with the falls. I could barely open my eyes and face the falls. We could not also hear each other on the raft without raising our voice. But obviously, I still really had fun. Big smile on my face even though I look like I am being swallowed by the water.

The bamboo raft would cost you P150 per trip (and yes, not per head). The raft masters also offer water proof cameras if you do not have one for P200, unlimited shots.

After 15 minutes, we got off the water immediately as the water flow kept on getting stronger. I was also already satisfied with the whole experience.


The above photo is just a random shot while on our way back to our ride after we took a quick shower and changed our clothes. The scene was just really calming. It just reminded me of Tabing Ilog.

There is a minimum entrance fee of P50 per head. There are also available cottages and tables that range from P100-P300. A P30 parking fee is also collected for those who have brought their own rides.


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