Sibadan Fish Cage: Life at the middle of the sea

In the previous post, I have shared my experience in Enchanted River. Not far away from the site, there located a fish cage wherein you could visit and enjoy the life at the middle of the sea.


The Sibadan Fish Cage is a small place located in Portlamon, Hinatuan. If you’re not yet going home and you feel like enjoying the life at the middle of the sea while resting, the place is the perfect answer.


The boats that would bring you to Sibadan are docked just walking distance from Enchanted River. You do not have to go out of the site, the trail is just situated inside. The rent per boat is just P100, one way, and it can accommodate an average of 5 persons.


From the docking area, it would take around 5-10 minutes to reach Sibadan. Going there, you would pass by a good number of establishments built at the middle of the sea. Some are still even under construction.


The boat masters are very approachable. If you would want to go boating at the sea and drop by at the other establishments, they are more than willing to bring you there.


Because we were fresh from our swimming in Enchanted River, the first thing we did when we finally checked in our room was to hit the shower. After it, the sunset welcomed us at the cottage.

The place was very peaceful. All you could hear are the waves and the wind. And yes, you do not have to worry as they do have power there and there is a limited signal (better than nothing). All the rooms are also airconditioned.

Sibadan offers fresh sea food – there is a wide variety of it available therein for you to choose from.

Aside from the food, the people could also enjoy swimming in the cages with different fishes. Since it was already dark, we would have to postpone the swimming until the next morning.


And the morning comes. Yes, that is a stingray. A sting ray. People are free to swim with this creature in the cage and yes take a photo with it in the background. There are actually two of them in the cage. There is nothing to worry about as the dangerous part of them has already been removed. Aside from the rays, there are also little sharks swimming in the cage.

Our stay in Sibadan was really short as the plan was to only have a place wherein we could stay overnight so we could recharge for the next destinations. Despite the time constraint, obviously I enjoyed a lot. You know it is not every time that you get to swim with rays, right?


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