The Enchanting Enchanted River

My third year in college has been really crazy. As how people would describe it, “hell year”. I have even forgotten already what it feels like to just relax and not think of anything school-related – I have forgotten how to enjoy life. I felt like life was just a mere routine – I did same things almost every day.
When my sister told me about their planned trip, I didn’t hesitate about going with them. I thought that it was the much needed vacation I have long been praying for.

For our first destination, we visited the famous Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. From the town proper, it would take you less than an hour to arrive at the place. If you have private vehicle with you, you may just ask the people for the directions or just follow the signage on the road; but if you’re not, there are habal-habal (skylabs) available which may cost you P150 (and yes slightly negotiable if you’re good at bargaining).


The site was called Enchanted River (well of course aside from its enchanting clear water) because until now, one knows how deep exactly is the river. A good number of people has tried but none of them succeeded.


If you do not how to swim or if you’re not that sure about your swimming skill, you do not have to worry because you could still enjoy as there are life vests available which would only cost you P35 per hour. Just present a valid ID at the counter.


Every 12 noon, the people are asked to get off the water for the fish feeding. During the feeding, the local hymn of Hinatuan is played while the fishes enjoy their food for the day.
In the site, there are no drinks and ready-to-eat food available so everyone is expected to bring their own. But if you forgot or didn’t get the memo, you may ask the locals as there is a good number of small stores located meters before.


Obviously, we got the memo so we brought with us seafood and some local delicacies which we all got from Tago, a small town located 15-20 minutes away from the capital of Surigao del Sur – Tandag.


Going back, the water in Enchanted River is really cold that you could barely feel the heat of the sun. But if you are afraid to get dark, there are shady parts wherein you could stay and enjoy swimming.

The experience was something I wouldn’t trade for anything. It may sound cliche but Enchanted River is one of the places I would definitely visit again. Enchanting Enchanted River it is.


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