Nightlife in Metro

Lavish food and drinks, loud music, and jam-packed venue – the usual things that automatically pop into our minds whenever we hear “night life”. I know these not because I normally enjoy the aforementioned things but because I personally know people whose ideas of it are narrowed into those. Regardless of social status, and backgrounds, people come together for a night of pure entertainment.

Life in metro only means life in modernity. People from different parts of the country flock there to experience a rich kind of lifestyle. With the modernity it possesses and offers, one may surely be tempted to cope up with other people in the city – be updated with everything; watch the latest movies, play the hit games, own a latest gadget, and be updated with the latest fashion trend.

One night as I was on my way home from school riding a three-wheeled kind of transportation locally known as ‘sikad’, I noticed an old woman in her ragged look carrying piles of folded carton on her head while walking on the street of Jacinto. She was scanning the area and checking garbage bins for maybe things which she could make use of.

When I got into our apartment, I can’t help but ask myself numerous questions like, “Why is she on the street during night time? Doesn’t she have a family to take care of her? Isn’t she already a too old to work?”. Whatever the answers, the only thing I am certain of is she shouldn’t be there where and when I’ve seen her.

After a week, I’ve seen her again on the street. It was a Saturday night when I was rushing to school for a practice for our play, a requirement for a subject for finals, and yes.. like the last time, she was again carrying piles of carton on her head. She was on the side of the street waiting for a jeepney, probably en route to her home. As soon as she got into the vehicle, the questions popped into my mind again.

Weeks had already passed and I have never gotten a chance to see the old woman again on the street. For whatever reasons may be, I pray that she is in good health and is just at her home being cared of by her family. Truly, unexpected times give you unexpected lessons about life.

Metro life could really be filled with glitz and glamour but sometimes, we tend to keep our eyes peeled on the bigger picture that we forget of the tiny details which also make up the picture. On the perspective of someone who barely has anything this world could offer, nightlife in metro is nothing but any other normal night of survival.

My first article submission to Sun.Star Davao which earned a place on their issue last Sunday, May 11, Y-SPEAK section.


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